The History of DSW Chairs

DSW chairs come in different colours and are of high quality. They are suitable for your office, studio or kitchen table. These chairs are also very classic and can give any room a whole new look. These chairs are also quite and affordable. In addition, their durability and wooden legs make them very steady and hence give you value for money. The chairs are also very easy to assemble.

The History of DSW Chairs

The Designing of the First DSW Chair

The very first design of DSW chairs was made in New York by Zenith Plastics and was made of pure plastic. The chairs were made for a Low-Cost Furniture Design competition that was organised by the Museum of Modern Arts in 1950. Since then, the chairs have evolved to become more elegant, durable and comfortable for everyone.

Current Design

The current design of DSW chairs involves the use of recyclable plastics which aims to help conserve the environment. The chairs can be made from wide variety of bases which makes more suitable for a wide range of application in different areas. They can be used as dining chairs, office chairs and in many other settings. The ability to use different bases is enhanced by their simple organic shape which makes it possible to build the chair shell which can hold different types of bases.

Their base shells can also be made from different upholstery materials using a wide range of colors. This makes it easy for a person to choose a chair that meets you personal needs. This chair is also complemented by a plastic armchair of the same which has integrated armrests. In fact, there are no chairs in the world that near the design of DSW chairs; what are there are just mimics but can’t meet the quality of the original.

The current designs are made from authentic materials which make them environmentally friendly as well as highly durable. The bases are made with a lot of professionalism to give them conformity and a good shape. Their bases are also wired to make them endure any weight.

DSW Chair Designer

DSW chairs were originally designed by the couple Charles and Ray Earnes in 1956. Charles was born Charles Earnes in 1907 in St. Louis Missouri. He studied architecture at the University of Washington. In 1930, he joined force with Charles. M Gray to open his own architecture office. Ray on the other hand was born Ray Alexandra Kaiser in Sacramento in California in the year 1912. She went to Bennett College and later Hans Hofmann where she graduated in 1937. The same year she graduated, she exhibited her work for the first time in American Abstracts Artists.

Starting from 1941 all the through to 1943, Charles and Ray used plywood to design and develop stretchers and in 1946 they exhibited their moulded plywood in the New York Museum. After this exhibition, the Herman Miller Company located in Zeeland started manufacturing these designs.

Choosing the right chairs to match your furniture

The base of DSW chairs is designed in such a way that allows the use of different upholstery. The chairs also come in different colors which gives you a wide variety to choose from. When purchasing DSW chairs, you need to first analyze the other furniture in the room. The availability of different colours makes it easy to choose chairs that match with your setting. The chairs also come in different sizes which make them easier to use with dining and office tables.

The chairs are graciously designed making them fit with different shapes and environments. The main idea behind the original designing of DSW chairs was to provide chairs that can easily adapt in every setting. Over the years, the manufacturers of these chairs have been able to meet this need. While buying the chairs, you will find that come in a wide range of designs that can suit any need you may have. However there are many mimics out in the market too, but it is still quite hard not to notice the genuine chairs from the fake ones.

There is a great selection of different DSW chairs that come in different colors, sizes and finishes. All these are meant to give your dining room or office a different kind of story as well as give you taste of uniqueness and quality. It is hard not to find a chair that will fit your interior design. You also have a choice of choosing chairs that complement your upholstery.

Future of DSW Chairs

Considering just how far these chairs have come, and all the modifications manufacturers have to make to give them their unique look, there is no doubt that DSW chairs have a bright future. Even today, they still put all their energy into ensuring that the chairs are almost perfect in every aspect. Currently the chairs are designed to meet different interior design needs and match the upholstery. As the interior designs continue to change, the designers of the chair are also working hard to make sure that the chair continues being timeless.

The competition among chair manufacturers is stiff, but if you concentrate on quality, durability and ability to meet user needs, you will find that DSW chairs are absolutely the best. Their shapes, materials and their overall appeal are uncompromising and that’s why they have a promising future. There are many distributors of these chairs around the world who endeavour to meet the high demand for these chairs.

There are also many online outlets distributing DSW chairs to customers all over the world. These chairs are a long term investment for every home or office. Their high quality, durability and ability to fit in variety of settings have made them very popular all over the world. The originals differ from the replicas in that the mimics don’t last long, they are not sturdy and you can note their low quality. To ensure you have the right quality chairs, make your purchase from trusted online dealers such as Amazon. The original chairs will offer you a timeless look that will be perfect for your interior design.