Harry Bertoia

A multi-talented, prolific artist that has contributed to the worlds of jewellery, printmaking, furniture design, painting, sculpture and sound art with over 50 public statues plus numerous pieces in galleries across the world.

Born 1915, Bertoia was an Italian born American and known for his utilitarian design and manipulation of metal to create spatially complex structures. In 1943 Bertoia moved to California and worked for designers Charles and Ray Eames where he helped develop their methods of laminating and bending plywoods.

In 1950 he was invited to work with design house Knoll where he was encouraged to freely explore his artistic creativity. At this time he designed 5 wire pieces that became known as the Bertoia Collection. His most famous was his 1952 Diamond Chair with an intricate welded steel lattice of fluid sculptural form. Bertoia describes his chairs “…mainly made of air, like sculpture, space passes right through them.” Bertoia’s chairs have remained in continuous production around the world and his prolific involvement with Knoll design studio has continued through sculpture and architectural installations.

Products by Harry Bertoia

Bertoia Diamond Chair

Italian born designer Harry Bertoia designed the Diamond Chair in 1952 after an in-depth study into space, form and function. Looking beyond industrial materials he was able to value them...