Husband and wife American designers who have made groundbreaking contributions to the development of modern architecture and furniture. Their abundant talent has reached across furniture, buildings, magazine covers, multi-screen video installations, textiles, exhibitions and medical aids. Their illustrious chairs are global fixtures in any collection of contemporary furniture.

In 1956 they developed the notorious Eames Lounger and Ottoman of bent plywood and leather, designed for the high-end market, it is now on display in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The ‘Eames’ Look is sleek, lean and modern with playful, body-hugging curves using the materials they pioneered such as fiberglass, plastic resin, and wire mesh. During the war, they turned their revolutionary skills with molded plywood into the development of leg splints.

Then in 1946, Eameses’ moulded plywood furniture went into production and soon the influential architectural critic Esther McCoy was calling their moulded plywood production “the chair of the century.”

In 1979, the Royal Institute of British Architects awarded Charles and Ray with the Royal Gold Medal.

Products by Ray & Charles Eames